Build Molecules For Vick İndir Yükle

Build Molecules For Vick İndir Yükle
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Vick is a scientist who is very fond of chemistry

The big problem is that she needs molecules for her experiments and she needs you to help her assemble

She has tried to assemble a series of molecules, but all of them have their atoms mixed up, out of place and there are still missing atoms

You need to assemble the molecules as a puzzle, do you accept the challenge?

Unscramble the atoms

Unshuffle all the atoms that are scrambled in the molecule

Put those atoms that are outside the molecule in place

Carbon and hydrogen atoms may be outside the molecule, put them back in order to assemble the molecule

Create new atoms to complete the molecule

Oxygen, Nitrogen and Chlorine atoms can be created if you need them

Throw away the anti atoms that just want to get in the way

The anti atoms just want to disrupt our lives, it is necessary to throw them all away!

Chemistry knowledge is not necessary

No knowledge of chemistry is required

Vick Scientist is assembled in a simple and intuitive way for you to learn while playing

Various types of atoms

There are 5 different types of atoms that assemble different combinations of molecules

Throughout the game you will discover new molecules and learn how to assemble some that you already know

  • Original soundtrack: soundtrack prepared exclusively
  • 52 Levels assembled progressively, so you can learn while playing
  • Minimalist Design: No punctuation, no timer and no pressure. Enjoy the puzzles and solve in your time

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