Bugspeed Collider İndir Yükle

Bugspeed Collider İndir Yükle
25 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 62 kez okundu.

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Some bugs just want to watch the world burn. Bugspeed Collider lets you take on the role of a supercharged kung-fu beetle in a variety of satisfyingly cataclysmic confrontations.

You can fight any way you want. Want to fly? Of course, you’re a bug. Death from above! Want a more earthly approach? Stay grounded and enjoy a wealth of defensive benefits. When (if) you get tired of smashing your foes in the face, take a step back and throw some high-charged bolts of pure beetle fury. Of course, you could just bypass all that and fight the world itself. All terrain is fully destructible. Enjoy!

Whether you’re a lone badass or a whole team of badasses, Bugspeed’s got you covered. We have enough singleplayer challenges and AI enemies to keep even the most bloodthirsty bug satisfied. We also have a whole slew of options should you be more into the local multiplayer chaos scene. 1-4 players, with plenty of explosions to spare.

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Mac OS X

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