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Brawlderdash İndir Yükle
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Brawlderdash is a local multiplayer sports game. Players choose from multiple sport characters to pass and bash past the opposing team!

Alternate stadium features and different weather conditions ensure no two matches are the same. From a well-kept soccer pitch to a windy field with pinball bumpers, there’s something for every play group and simple controls allow for pick up play.


  • Local Multiplayer for up to 8 players
  • 6 Playable Classes!
  • Each Sport may Dash and Kick, but their Special Skills set them apart.
    • Golfer
    • Soccer
    • Hockeyman
    • Footballer
    • Runner
    • Baseballer

  • 8 Stadiums
  • Time and Goal modes
  • Watch as your fans turn their backs on you in dismay, as your chances of reaching the playoffs diminish with each dropped pass and missed goal. They’ll never love you again.

    The local sports radio no longer answers your calls.

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