Bound Up & Squirming! İndir Yükle

Bound Up & Squirming! İndir Yükle
8 Ekim 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 40 kez okundu.

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Roll, hop, and ascend like an otherworldly bouncing worm in Bound Up & Squirming! Explore surreal and dreamlike obstacle courses overlooked by great and mighty creatures, parkouring your way through a wide variety of dynamic levels to reach your ultimate end.

Squirm and flail, unlocking new gowns while pushing your skills to challenge the best times. You’ve never had so much freedom of movement while being all bound up. Roll for fine-grained motion to control your angle, tuck in your legs to leap across wide chasms, and catch yourself on edges by your toes in this expressive, physics-driven jumping system. Time your jumps and don’t get knocked out by obstacles!

– 50 campaign levels and 50+ bonus to test your skills of being tied up
– Fashionable hospital gowns to show off your style
– Strange floating platforms that seem to be filled with jelly
– Leaderboards to compare your best sets with your friends
– Giant worm-like creatures
– Bendable knees!

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Mac OS X

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