Blood Memery|血色记忆 İndir Yükle

Blood Memery|血色记忆 İndir Yükle
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Blood Memory is a Visual novel game. You will listen to the diary of a abducted girl as a mysterious person.

Take earphones, listen to the helpless voice, listen to the angry complaint. To the left heaven to the right hell. The whole story is presented in the form of a fictional voice diary. A monologue diary is used to show you the tragic experience of a abducted girl and the painful choices it faces.

How can a kidnapped person have the opportunity to write a diary? It’s just a form of expression to accuse these ugly people and dirty people!

I hope you treasure it and don’t mistake it for him or her in the story!

The game includes:

More than 19 chapters

Complete Chinese dubbing

Three sad and beautiful soundtracks

A Story with Multiple Endings

This product decides to donate 20% of the first month’s income to the company.
We may not make a lot of money, but we used to be a charity team. We have always believed that games should be art. Although we do not have the ability to make games into art at present, we hope that games are not only games, but also games need connotation.

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