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Block King İndir Yükle
14 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 66 kez okundu.

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Fast and Fun!

The fastest, most intense shooter on steam. Games can last 3 seconds or 30. One false move and it’s all over. Blast the floor out from under your opponents’ feet to send them to their doom; before they do the same to you. Will you risk an early loss to grab the power up and gain an advantage?

Unlock dozens of models and skins as you defeat online opponents or computer controlled bots. Show off your new looks while sniping the floor out from under your friends’ feet.

Play with up to 8 people in each match.

Review from theXBLIG:

"Matches themselves can last a few seconds or almost a minute, with tense duels and fancy footwork ultimately making up the difference between victory and defeat."

"You can further improve your odds by collecting powerups at the start of the match, using stuff like Blast Off (extreme height), High Jump, Camouflage, Lasers, and more to turn the tide. Winning a match grants you ‘multiplayer points’, good towards unlocking new shapes and / or color choices for your character."

"Block King is at its addictive best when played with friends."

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