Blazing Snow İndir Yükle

Blazing Snow İndir Yükle
4 Mart 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 11 kez okundu.

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Freezing Action!

Join Mr Frost and Jazz, the spirit, traverse through portals, explore exciting wintery places and discover magical weapons in this Shoot ‘Em Up 2D action-platformer. Explore beautiful environments from wintery lands and enchanted forests to a magical castle and the witch lairs!

After they took Mr Frost’s daughter on a winter night, he and his new ally Jazz have to track down the evil witch and rescue his daughter while being trapped inside the body of his new magical snowman friend.


  • Discover an arsenal of gift-wrapped weapons.
  • Run, jump, and slide your way through gorgeous environments!
  • Stomp and blast hordes of evil controlled toys and epic bosses!
  • Level up your weapons, to increase your power and unlock new perks.
  • Strategic run and gun action! Reflect attacks, stomp your enemies to regain health and crush them with melee attacks to gain shield back!
  • Enjoy beautiful and joyful hand-drawn art and animation.

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