Blacksmith Run İndir Yükle

Blacksmith Run İndir Yükle
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Legend says the blacksmith who wants to create the strongest sword on Earth, must get the legendary tool known by the name “Hammer of Gods”. Getting it will not be an easy task. The gods hid the Hammer in a labyrinth of traps, long ago. Yet no mortal could past through them.
Complete 20 hardcore levels and find the mighty artifact. Deadly surprises, awaits you at every step: sharp spikes, hot lava, giant saw, vanishing platforms and even a fake Hammer that will kill anyone who touches it. Run, jump, cling to the walls! Please note that there is a different way, to pass most of the levels. So, be patient, follow your instincts and you will become the first mortal to overcome the Maze of Gods!

* 20 hardcore levels!
* A bunch of deadly traps!
* Pixel graphics.
* Simple control.
* Dynamic gameplay.

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