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Black Hole Hazard İndir Yükle
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Black Hole Hazard is an action puzzle spacewalking game with unique control and a fascinating sci-fi story. Controlling the gun’s recoil in space and distorted gravity makes the gameplay very challenging. Be Dr. Albert, shoot the jet / laser gun to survive against the unknown enemies and find out the truth.

Dr. Albert Armstrong is a senior researcher at International Nuclear Research Center(INRC). He was participating in an experiment to create an artificial black hole. During the experiment, an unexpected explosion occurred and he was knocked unconscious. He woke up to find himself floating in a mysterious cosmic space.

Dr. Albert Armstrong moves in a unique way with his gas-firing jet gun. He fires his jet gun at the point you click on, and it pushed him exactly in the opposite direction! Blocks in cosmic spaces show various physical properties and reactions. There are hidden log files which may hold some clues about what happened and where he is now.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive control with your mouse only!
  • The Law of Action-Reaction in space makes the gameplay more challenging!

Story Mode

  • 150 levels to fully enjoy the exploration, 7 chapters with epic boss battles in each!
  • Search for 68 hidden log file fragments to reveal the mysterious story.
  • Find out 26 batteries to upgrade your gun in story mode.
  • Time Attack Challenge in each stage
  • Story cutscenes in each chapter.
  • Two different endings

Survival Mode

  • Game mode with steam leaderboard to compete your best highscores!
  • Random maps, items and enemies

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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