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Bird Watcher İndir Yükle
13 Ağustos 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 78 kez okundu.

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Bird Watcher is a short story about a girl whose name is Claire that after her parent’s death was made to live with her gloomy vicious aunt. Her life in the new house becomes similar to the life in the cage which is full of stringent prohibitions and rules. And every day is absolutely the same as previous one. And she can see the outside world only through the window of her small room. Every day little Claire draws and looks on the pigeons which live on the opposite house’s roof. But one day pigeons dissappear. And the girl decides to save them…

It is a short but emotional interactive story, a highly immersive first-person “walking simulator”, with full voice narration.
In this game you will find old photos and diary pages that can help young Claire to get free from her fears.

Key Features

  • An emotionally-charged storyline.
  • Simple gameplay, an interactive story.
  • Atmospheric sound design.
  • Relaxing and pleasant autumn environment.
  • Realistic graphics, created in Unity engine.

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