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Beekyr Serisi İndir Yükle
15 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 65 kez okundu.

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Beekyr (Vanilla Edition) is a shooter game where you will lead a bee-fighter through 23 amazing levels in fields, dark forests, rivers and dangerous caves to avenge his queen and hive from the evil wasp queens and their soldiers… The vengeance will be served!

This game is CHALLENGING but features an EASY mode, perfect for players to get used to this kind of particular games. They are fun but you need to understand how they work. It will keep you hooked for hours if you want to see the ending of the game.
Beekyr is very good value for money: Vanilla edition for a very low price.


You are looking at Beekyr (Vanilla Edition*), originally released in 2014.
AKA: "Beekyr: Shoot’em up" , "Beekyr: Classic edition" or just "Beekyr".

But you need to know that after that release, we worked for a few years more and we made Beekyr Reloaded and released it as a new game:
Beekyr Reloaded is a more professional production with over TEN THOUSAND adjustments and added content:

  • All graphics were redrawn (full HD 1080p).
  • All levels have been revised and adjusted to the pixel.
  • Better audio: more songs, effects and all remastered.
  • Lore cinematics added.
  • Bosses gore explosions.
  • In game bombs.
  • Multiplayer.

…and much much more, trust me, the list would be too long!

You can buy this classic "vanilla" version and upgrade later to Beekyr Reloaded with a discount!

Enjoy the game!

*Vanilla Edition: The term "vanilla" is often used to describe the original version of a game.

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