Battlecruisers İndir Yükle

Battlecruisers İndir Yükle
6 Şubat 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 14 kez okundu.

Bu Oyun Hakkında

  • Command the ultimate warship
  • Strategise against your diabolical AI enemy
  • Journey across the future flooded Earth
  • See the particle system pyrotechnics make limitless explosions
  • Get hooked on the mood-dynamic musical score
  • Play to unlock 30+ buildings, units and ultra weapons
  • Battle in 25 addictive levels over 4 difficulty modes

Build the ultimate warship to attack and defend against frigates, artillery, and bombers. Journey across the flooded Earth, touring the remains of humanity’s greatest landmarks while engaging in explosive tactical gameplay.

In the 22nd century, sea levels rose and the world divided. The surviving robot population took to the last floating cities, competing for receding pockets of land by waging war with immense floating fortresses.

Use creative strategies to lure enemies into tactical traps then outmanoeuvre them with fighters and rapid attack boats.

Reinforce your defence with shields and boosters and enhance your production speed with builder drones.

Witness the awesome destructive power of death star satellites, nuclear rockets, long-range artillery, and experimental ultra weapons.

Ultra weapons can turn battles in a single strike. Unlock the Mann O’War Battleship, the Ultralisk Rapid Fabrication Facility, the Kamikaze Signal, and more.

Launch a fleet of bomber aircraft, decimating enemies from the skies with a hail of napalm bombs. Build long-range destroyer ships to take out opponents from afar with missile batteries, and engage stealth technology to strike with the element of surprise.

Turtle up with shields and defence turrets, and use long-range artillery to send enemies to the watery depths.

Unlock 30+ unique buildings and units, while developing intelligent strategies to overcome the increasingly diabolical AI cruisers.

Battles are set to an original musical score that seamlessly matches the action and lulls for an original gameplay experience every battle.

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