Baldina’s Basis in Education Literary Grammar İndir Yükle

Baldina’s Basis in Education Literary Grammar İndir Yükle
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Do you like reading the books of great writers? How many books have you read in school over the past year? Baldina is a teacher who makes you love books the way she loves them!

Immerse yourself in school with Baldina! A strict teacher who will persecute you. If you miss the class, she chase, and get you back. All what she want, the correct poem lyrics.
Collect all 8 tips and quickly go back to classroom, to recite the lyrics and win the game. If you get wrong in lyrics, or skip the lesson, Baldina will get mad and punish you.
Be careful, because notes mixed randomly, so you must understand right sequence.
Use boosts to avoid interference from school staff. They are very kind people, but they love to pester you.

Look for boosts to help yourself during the game:
Hints – Paper fragments with poem lyrics.
Book – Stops Baldina for a short time.
Burger – Guard loves burgers much more, than punish children.
Answers “A+” – Give it to MathGirl, and she will solve tasks by herself.
Lock Pick – Helps to leave the room when the Bully lock you.
Newspaper – Drop it on the Principal’s way, to distract him.
Boots – Helps you to run up on the wet floor.
Key – Opens the Principal’s room with boots.
Mirror – Helps you get rid of the Queen of the school influence. Use a mirror to make Queen became Gorgon Queen and not draw away your attention.
Blue Sixteen – Thad’s ball. Someone who get it, will get Thad too.

Features "Baldina’s Basis in Education Literary Grammar":
– unique characters;
– The developed world of school with its own characteristics;
– the tense atmosphere of the game;
– unforgettable adventures;
– The basics of literature in school and not only.

Use the WASD keys to move on school, and the mouse to turn.
LEFT CLICK to pick up items, RIGHT CLICK to use the currently selected item, and SCROOL WHEEL to change the currently selected item.
Hold down SHIFT to run.
Press SPACE bar to quickly look behind you.
ESCAPE can be used to pause.

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