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Ayakashigami İndir Yükle
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A visual novel based on Japanese mythology.
This is a contemporary story where the mythical gods and youkai exist.
The oldest history book in Japan, Kojiki, is a world of the Japanese people’s forgotten roots.

Shinboku is an androgyne♂♀, having the reproductive organs of both sexes. Entrusted with the task of surveying a group of mysterious youkai, he ends up sharing a very eventful summer alongside the girls. This is a friendship-filled adventure with a dash of horror and a little something else.

This is a visual novel that can be casually read. There are no choices in this game.

Adult Expressions

Includes sexual expression as a bonus element. However, it does not promise a sexual depiction of all the main girls. The main part of this work does not involve sexual expression.

Play time

About 3 hours.


* The English version has been customized to work in overseas environments. The Japanese version can not be launched at this time.

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