AVOlight.Space (Multiple Video Players) İndir Yükle

AVOlight.Space (Multiple Video Players) İndir Yükle
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Hi 🙂 i’m nick a solo indie developer, Thanks for checking out my app!
Questions? Issues? Comments? Feedback?: https://discord.gg/8dHBYQK || https://Facebook.com/AVOlight || https://YouTube.com/AVOlight || email support@AVOlight.com


  • Trigger:
    • Select and Show/Hide UI
    • Point at a video and drag to scrub the timeline
  • Grip: Drag screen
  • SteamVR Menu Button || Oculus Button A or X
    • Create, Clone, and Close a screen
      • Create: point at nothing and press
      • Clone: drag screen and press
      • Close: point at screen and hold down until closed
  • SteamVR Trackpad Button || Oculus Thumbstick Button
    • Recenter

Right now there are way too many ideas and not enough development resources, so if you do review please add any thoughts on where you think resources should go first.

Visit pixabay to find the source videos and images featured in the screenshots and trailer

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