Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- İndir Yükle

Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- İndir Yükle
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You are Takamine Yuuto, an orphan who lives only to care for his sister and ensure they make it through their ordinary everyday lives (with a little help from their friends). One day he is suddenly interrupted by a call from beyond this Earth – he has been summoned through a mystical portal to the distant land of Phantasmagoria!

With his sister Kaori held hostage, Yuuto must fight as an Etranger – a warrior of power – and take up the sword to fight alongside the beautiful female Spirits who protect the land from the evil that threatens to consume it. With these new comrades, a tale of desperate heroism, newfound purpose and tender romance unfolds…


  • Gain allies with 21 playable characters.
  • Conquer 38 towns across 23 different tactical missions.
  • Experience nine unique endings based on your gameplay choices.
  • Unlock hundreds of skill upgrades.
  • Uncover secret items and ‘easter eggs’.
  • Challenge yourself with three levels of difficulty.
  • Over 50 hours of RPG gameplay.

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