Amarok Dreams İndir Yükle

Amarok Dreams İndir Yükle
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WARNING! This is a (Remake) of an Original game called "The Dream Theory" made by MaXoMeR Games.

Me (KirleyGames), PartumGameTutorials & MaXoMeR Games have been working hard, trying our best to remake and design this horror game into a more VHS style look & more creepy horror.

The school of St. Alliston reopens, but will it be the same, or things will get better this time.
Dark things happened in the school before, but things might change.
The new headmaster Henry Clayton, tries everything to make the school better, but can it become better?
You the son of Clayton, shall experience the story in your dreams, and survive when you are awake.
But how long will you survive? Are you awake? Can you survive your own nightmares? Is this all real & How did this start in the first place?


◆ Interactive story with a lot of choices tasks to complete

◆ Second chapter of scary horror – Amarok Dreams will come for YOU again

◆ Fully up view map on the phone

◆ Flashlight… on the phone


    Amarok Dreams : 35 mins


    Amarok Dreams: Hard


    Amarok Dreams: (after complete the boss task) AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! 1000000/10


    Amarok Dreams : There are 3 Chapters in the game


    Amarok Dreams : Normal/Hard

Have fun and good luck with your nightmares!

Sistem Gereksinimleri


    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 7 – 10
    • İşlemci: AMD Ryzen 3 2200 Processor
    • Bellek: 16 MB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: GTX 960 GeForce
    • Depolama: 396 MB kullanılabilir alan

    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 10
    • İşlemci: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor
    • Bellek: 16 MB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: GTX 1050 GeForce
    • Depolama: 396 MB kullanılabilir alan
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