Adelantado Trilogy. Book Two İndir Yükle

Adelantado Trilogy. Book Two İndir Yükle
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Get ready for new adventures and unexpected twists!

The sequel starts where the previous part left off. Don Diego has found a new path and now he continues his mission. There are still survivors from the previous expedition to save, glory to achieve and gold for the Spanish Crown to find. His crew, however, is tired. Some people start to rebel and abandon Don Diego. Some stay loyal. Together they advance through wild jungles and endless swamps. The atmosphere is moody and grim but Don Diego tries to keep everybody cheerful. And ever-present rival Commander Rodriguez is more evil than ever.

– the search for riches and glory continues in this entertaining strategy simulation game
– follow Don Diego de Leon on his mission as it escalates in danger
– befriend the natives and take on all new quests
– help them as you restore buildings, harvest foods, and create a settlement

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