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Abyss Manager İndir Yükle
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Abyss Manager is a dungeon management simulation game. You will play as a new manager of a small dungeon. Make it a formidable abyss.

You’ll start with almost nothing, recruit minions, accumulate money, construct facilities, develop technology, explore the realm, have the dungeon’s name up, defeat other dungeons and win the championship of the Dungeon League.

There’re more than 350 traits, over 300 skills and 60 races. Making randomly generated characters unique, you need to arrange your minions properly to deal with invaders that are also unique. Manage the rotation and training, deploy personnel to expedition and operate facilities, and participate in league matches held between dungeons.

You don’t need to control every detail of the battles. Minions will fight independently according to their personalities and tactics. You can also manage the battle directly, which cost your actions so better make your precious decision count.
Minions won’t die in battles, but if you can’t pay them, they will leave you one by one. Choose between cheap mobs or expensive elites, it’s up to your insight.

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