ABC: Audioreactive Beat Circle İndir Yükle

ABC: Audioreactive Beat Circle İndir Yükle
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Play with your favorite music

Experience a new way to listen your favourite music. The game can react to any music you play and affects the speed of incoming obstacles.

How do I load my music?

Just make sure that you have pressed the "My Music" button on the menu to mute the in-game music and then open up any source of music from your computer and the game should automatically pick up the music and listen it.

Audio-reactive gameplay

Audio-reactive arcade game where the player goal is to avoid being hit by abstract shapes.

Chill or compete

Play it as a casual chilling game or play it as a hardcore gamer trying to beat records. The difficulty scales with the skill.


Buy the DLC to get more levels, to play the game with up to 6 players and to show support.

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