A Piece of Wish upon the Stars İndir Yükle

A Piece of Wish upon the Stars İndir Yükle
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A Piece of Wish upon the Stars is a visual novel (a subgenre of advanture game) produced by the independent game production team Lingtan Studio. In this game, players will click to keep the text, graphics and sound moving, while making narrative choices along the way to get access to different storylines and more than one ending. As a visual novel, it has 6 main characters with their own voice actors and character sprites (立ち絵 tachi-e), 3 storylines to explore, 6 endings, more than 30 special event CGs and a screenplay with up to 400 thousands words.


Graduated from high school, Guang gave up the opportunity to enter college and began to work, making a living for him and his little sister. The days has been reassuringly quiet for a year.

However, all things seem to change in this summer.

Geran, Guang’s little sister, who facing the pressure of schoolwork, becomes more and more anxious.

Zi, his high school friend, has retured to their town during summer vacation and met with him again.

The elvish girl who lives around him as the girlfriend of his sister, Yingye, also walked into his world.

A ripple of fate is about to go through the smooth days. Geran’s hidden wish leads the track of their lives to meet in one midsummer day.

Faced with the future confusing to think and the attachment difficult to speak, how could they find their answers for love?

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