A Bloody Party İndir Yükle

A Bloody Party İndir Yükle
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"Vampires don’t exist… right?"

When your best friend becomes obsessed with vampires and bravely (foolishly) decides to crash a party to prove his crazy theory, you end up volunteering to go in his place to stop him. After all, a night of free food and dancing? Why not? It’s not like vampires actually exist, right?

-Full English Voice Acting
-Quick-Time Event Mini-games
-SEVEN Bad Endings, One TRUE Ending
-Masculine/Feminine Main Character Options
-Custom Main Character Name
-Short for Casual Enjoyment!
-A Treat Easter Egg for fans of Seduce Me the Otome

Creative Team-
Written and Developed by Michaela Laws
Edited by Genevieve Rose
Art by Konett, Badriel, and Michaela Laws
Music by Luna Chaii
Programming Assistance by Ethan Nakashima

Voice Actors-
William – Kevin K Gomez
Pawel – Evan Bremer
Candi – Daisy Guevara
Servant – Terrance Drye
Vampire Lady – Kira Buckland
Vampire Gentleman – Jack Howarth
Vampire Noble – Marissa Lenti
Doorman – Patrick M Seymour
??? – Michaela Laws
???? – Sheila M Lin

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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