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99 Spirits İndir Yükle
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99 Spirits – Art Book
This artbook features 80 pages of gorgeous original art and sketches from the production of ’99 Spirits’, with commentary by the developer.

99 Spirits – Music Collection
The original soundtrack of "99 Spirits", including the full version of theme song "Ken-Shi-Ai-Den", a special medley and Japanese rock tracks.

Includes a total of 17 tracks and a four-page booklet with new illustrations. Composed, Written and Arranged by Yoshiyuki Obi. Sung by Karen Tachibana.

Track List:
01, All is Void ~Title Screen~
02, Peaceful and Tranquil ~Theme of Heian Capital~
03, On the Move ~Theme of the Fields~
04, Veteran Fighter ~Normal Battles~
05, Crushing Evil and Spreading the Truth ~Boss Battles~
06, Utopia ~Mild~
07, Simple and Innocent ~Comical~
08, Crying in Sorrow ~Sad~
09, Jealousy and Bias ~Disquiet~
10, Storm and Urge ~Urgent~
11, Pain of Separation ~Lonely~
12, Mysterious Fiend ~Tough Enemy Battle~
13, Mysterious Fiend ~Tough Enemy Battle, Dropped Ver.~
14, Crushing Evil/Absolute ~Last Boss Battle~
15, Crushing Evil/Absolute ~Last Boss Battle, Dropped Ver.~
16, Ken-Shi-Ai-Den ~Ending Theme~
17, Earthshaking Event ~Special Track for the OST~

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