7 days with Death İndir Yükle

7 days with Death İndir Yükle
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In 2013, Narrator released its fourth game focusing on fate and choice.
Through cooperation with SSCP, the quality of this game has improved over our previous works!

Containing the 3 original routes, plus an additional route, the script length is about 130,000 words in total.
Featuring 19 CGs, a soundtrack of 9 songs plus the main Chinese theme song, and stunning backgrounds based on Taiwan’s Tamsui District (淡水).

※ This game does not have character voices


"In seven days, you will die."
On Christmas Eve, a strange girl breaks into your home claiming to be the bringer of death.
"I will be with you for seven days… if you don’t want to die, you must find someone who is willing to die for you."
This unbelievable prophesy is then followed by many strange omens…

Daily life becomes unpredictable, even to the point where he runs into Shaw Chin, who had just ended a relationship.
Is she someone who will love me… who will die for me?
Death haunts his every move.

On New Years Eve, Death looms over him.
As the fireworks light up the night sky, he must make a choice…

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