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4DSnake İndir Yükle
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Wait? 4 Dimensions? I thought there were only 3? Yes, partially true. There are three dimensions that are visible in the physical world. However that doesn’t stop us from experiencing higher dimensions digitally. This is what 4DSnake is all about.

Play as a snake, eat food, avoid obstacles. Play through scenarios in 4D as well as scenarios in 2D with varying content and difficulty.

This game is mainly played in a relative mode. In this mode, the camera is following you, so you are always positioned in the center of the screen.

Absolute mode scenarios can be unlocked by playing the relative mode scenarios.

The game also features Survivor Modes, where the goal is to get as high score as possible. This is also where you can compete with other players by getting higher position in the leaderboards.

Colors are customizable so if you do not like the default look, you can change it to something that is more to your liking.

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SteamOS + Linux

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